Hunting and fishing has been a way of life for Co-Hosts Fred and Greg Abbas. Fred, (Michigan's #1 all time trophy whitetail hunter with the most record book entries), introduced Greg to the great outdoors at a very young age. Greg is an honest, sincere, down to earth host who people respect and relate to very well. He is a six time Michigan State Turkey Calling Champion, a two time Deer Calling and Rattling Champion, and a professional full time guide with numerous trophy deer and turkey entries in the record books. He and his father create their own cutting edge hunting tactics that they have shared with the public through their hunting videos and their nationally given seminars for years and share their hunting knowledge with the viewers through their many on hunt tips and game plans. A-Way Outdoors takes the viewer on exciting over the shoulder hunting and fishing adventures from across the U.S., Canada and Africa.
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Away Outdoors
Episode 19 – Mock scrapes and results
On this show you will see a very unique and effective way that Fred produces early mock scrapes. Watch and see how the scrape works as Fred goes in quest of trophy whitetail.
Episode 20 –A first
Follow new A-Way pro-staff member Mike Avery, formerly host of Mike Avery’s Outdoor Magazine as he takes his grandson on his very first whitetail hunt. Also come as our guest to the Abbas residence and visit with Greg, Kim and Alyssa at their farm.
Episode 21 – Being selective
Join host Greg Abbas as he decides to be very selective during his Michigan gun season. Will he see what he is after?
Episode 22 – The Buckeyes!
Join hosts Fred and Greg Abbas as they travel to the Buckeye state to hunt with True Trophy Outfitters of Ohio. Fred first hunts whitetail in the fall with muzzleloader then they return in the spring for turkey. Watch the surprise that Fred gets.
Episode 23 – The ATA Show Special
We have never aired one of these specials. See what new and different hunting products that various manufacturers have to offer this year.
Episode 24 – A-Way Classics
We decided to pull two of our most popular TV shows of all time and bring them to you. Hold onto your seat and hold very still to see what happens on a hunt for a 735# killer hog that comes at you. In the second segment see how long Greg can hold his bow back on a bull elk a mere 18 yards away. Can Greg hold long enough for shot or will his strength give out?
Episode 25 – Fred Trophy Hunting Whitetail
Fred ranks #1 all time in the State of Michigan for trophy book whitetails. It is because of the time and effort he puts into his hunting. Being selective does not always mean success, will Fred succeed this time?
Episode 26 – Diggin In Virginia
Join Greg as he drives to Virginia to dig some civil war history. The private land that Greg metal detects on in this episode held the largest cavalry battle of the war. Can Greg metal detect his way into some good finds?
Episode 27 – FISH ON!!!
Join Fred and Greg as they travel to beautiful Manistee Michigan to salmon fish on board Killin Time 3 with Captain Craig Kent. Watch as the reels scream! Greg also does some metal detecting on a beach on Lake Michigan. Will he find anything good?